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Rare Gem Alpacas

When looking for something out of the ordinary!


Welcome to the Rare Gem Store!

The Rare Gem herd consists of 40 lovely alpacas. We have a wide diversity of colors and ages and each alpaca contributes to the store in their own special way. Each product / item is unique and limited in supply. Number available are listed. Don't miss out! :-)

80-20 Alpaca-Bamboo Blend Yarn
Bath Mats- Oh, so SOFT!!

100% Alpaca Lopi Style Yarn

Calling all Spinners and Felters! Raw fleeces in all colors and grades.

Whether looking for a raw fleece to spin up yourself or a finished product for your home or person... the Rare Gem herd hopes to offer you something unique and out of the ordinary! Many items are one of a kind and the inventory changes frequently... so please visit regularly and don’t miss out!

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