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Welcome to Rare Gem Alpacas

Upcoming Events

May 31-June 1, 2024
Parade of Champions Auction
Little Creek Farm
North Salem, NY

In anticipation of this exciting event, we’re offering exclusive one-on-one Zoom conferences for anyone interested in learning more about our consignment— Lot 17 Appaloosa herdsire, Rare Gem X-Man. ?

We’d love to connect and discuss breeding for appaloosa-harlequin and X-Man’s proven ability to produce. Email or message us to schedule a time.

Welcome to Rare Gem Alpacas, nestled in the vibrant landscapes of Southern California. At the heart of our farm is a passionate commitment to excellence in alpaca breeding, specifically focusing on cultivating elite-fleeced appaloosa and harlequin alpacas. Our journey as Herd Steward, Fiber Artist and Gardener has intertwined with the natural rhythm of farm life, embracing each season’s unique offerings, from birthing and breeding to fiber harvest and planting.

Our fascination with the unique has led us down the path of breeding not just alpacas, but rare, beautifully patterned harlequin and appaloosa alpacas. These exquisite creatures stand out not only for their unique coloring and patterning but also for their elite fleece, making them a treasure trove for hand-spinners and fiber artists alike. Our dedication and seven years of meticulous research and breeding have resulted in a prolific line of 88 harlequins, classic appaloosas and leopard alpacas, each a testament to our commitment to diversity and quality.

At Rare Gem Alpacas, we understand that while the allure of unique colors and patterns is undeniable, the essence of alpaca breeding lies in the fiber. Facing the challenge head-on, we’ve innovated our breeding program to enhance fiber qualities across generations without compromising on distinctive “rare gems” that make our hearts beat faster. By strategically pairing animals with desired phenotypes with those boasting elite fleece characteristics, we’ve seen remarkable improvements in fleece quality, ensuring our alpacas are as splendid to touch as they are to behold.

Whether your interest in alpacas is just sprouting or you’re already immersed in the alpaca lifestyle, we’re here to share, educate, and celebrate everything alpaca. At Rare Gem Alpacas, our doors (and pastures) are always open to those eager to discover the joy and beauty of these magnificent creatures. We LOVE talking about alpacas, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Join us in our journey and let’s explore the wonderful world of alpacas together.