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Rare Gem Alpacas

Breeding Harlequin, Appaloosa and Unique Colors!


Welcome to the home of the Rare Gem Alpaca herd!

Are you alpaca curious and want to learn about alpacas and their fabulous fiber?

Do you already own a herd and looking for unique genetics to add to your herd?

Are you a fiber artist, spinner, knitter or crochetter extraordinaire in need of new inspiring supplies?

Are you looking for rugs, hats, wraps, made from alpacas?

Well, we’ve gotcha covered. Please visit Store and Farm tabs regularly to see new animals and products.

Welcome to Rare Gem Alpacas

Welcome to Rare Gem Alpacas! The farm has a rhythm of its own... and as Herd Steward, Fiber Artist and Gardener, I do my best to flow with the natural rhythm. Whether it is birthing, breeding, fiber harvest, or planting season, there is always an abundance of associated activities. I have always had an infinity for the unique, and raising alpacas is no exception. After extensive research and trial, we are now breeding a prolific line of harlequin and appaloosa alpacas with exquisite fleece! Each one is truly unique in coloring and patterning and the naturally occurring variation is highly sought after by hand-spinners and fiber artists as well. In addition to the lovely harlequins and appaloosas, "Lavender" greys are another of our farm favorites! Whether you are alpaca curious or already have a herd of your own, give us a shout. We LOVE to talk alpacas! :-)

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